About us

ABUDEY & CO are a group of accountants providing a wide range of business support services to a wide range of clients.

If you are an individual/sole trader or a small/medium business enterprise, we offer complete business solutions tailored to suit each client’s individual requirements. Our aim is to assist with all facets of running your business from handling all your bookkeeping requirements and tax obligations through to providing tax advice and managing your business growth.

Our staff undergo continuous training and are all supported to ensure the advice you receive is always current and relevant to your individual circumstances.

We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest level of professional service & advice to our clients at all times.

Abudey and Co Accountants

Abudey and Co Accountants

Why choose us?

We believe our strength is in our attitude and approach.

Your business and financial interests can only be properly served if we understand how they fit into your life. This kind of understanding is built up through an ongoing relationship where we help you to define your objectives and actively work with you to achieve them.

We pride ourselves on providing a totally professional service whilst being easy to talk to and explaining issues in straight forward terms.


Helping you grow your business